Thursday, April 15 2021: New Radar Map

A new Radar map replaces the older radar images.

Thursday, June 25 2020: New chart: Past Hour Temperature

The is a new chart available for most locations that provides the maximum and minimum temperature during the previous hour.

Wednesday, February 5 2020: Sunlight renamed to Daylight

The poorly renamed "Sunlight" charts have been renamed to "Daylight".

Monday, October 29 2018: Add download for hourly and daily forecasts

The historical hourly and daily forecasts are now available on the download page.

Monday, April 16 2018: Temperature Averages on charts

Where available, the hourly temperature average (average the values from each hour during the day) is shown on charts instead of using the average of the maximum and minimum temperature for the day. This makes temperature to be displayed similarly to wind speed, relative humidity and so on.

Monday, March 26 2018: Add hyperlink to extreme charts from the daily almanac widget

The daily almanac widget on the the location main page how contains links to extremes charts. Previously only links to the normals charts existed.

Sunday, March 25 2018: New metric: extreme maximum wind gust

"Extreme maximum wind gust" is now computed daily and monthly. eg

Monday, January 15 2018: New feature: Time Warp

On many pages within you will find a "Time Warp" button on the toolbar (next to the date). Pushing the button expands the Time Warp toolbar. Some pages have the toolbar expanded by default.

You can go backwards in time by year/month/day/hour/minute or go to a specific date and/or time. The current date and time are used if not provided.

For advanced usage you can combine both together to go to 1 hour earlier than the current time on 2017-12-31, for example.

The map on used to have a more basic version of this feature which has been updated as well.

Thursday, January 11 2018: Weather events about "Rain"

The weather events about "Rain" have been removed. These values are only approximate and are easily confused with precipitation. Use the precipitation numbers instead.

Wednesday, January 10 2018: Cross-Canada view of weather records

2 new pages have been created:

Tuesday, January 9 2018: Almanac tweet changes

The almanac twitter accounts will now tweet the following things:

Monday, January 8 2018: Almanac changes

The way the a almanac (weather extremes/weather records) are calculated has been changed. To maintain consistency with all the other features on the site, the data from the weather station with the most importance is taken, unless is unavailable, in which case the system uses one of the other stations, in priority order. (Previously the calculation would take the "worst" of each station).

At least 15 years of history is required before a "weather record" will be displayed.

The dashboard widget is updated to show both the normal value and the extreme value as well as more values which were previously available only as charts.

The are new dashboard widgets to show the daily and monthly records. The daily weather record widget it enabled by default.

Almanac is computed both daily and monthly.

Almanac details are available on the "Features" menu.

Sunday, January 7 2018: New Conditions Log

You can now look through the weather conditions as they arrive from the weather stations. This is available on the Features menu. Example:

Saturday, January 6 2018: Radar now added to the dashboard

The radar now appears on the dashboard by default. You can use the Customize! option to remove it or add the regional radar.

The "Radar" top level button is moved on to new "Features" menu.

Tuesday, January 2 2018: Changes to weather alert

The following changes are made to how weather alerts are handled:

Monday, January 1 2018: French tweets available

We are slowly introducing new twitter accounts that will contain updates in French. Because twitter limits the number of accounts that can be created in a given time period, the account creation will take quite a long time. Twitter accounts for locations in the province of Quebec will be created first.

Interested in a specific location, then please ask and it will be prioritized.

Sunday, November 12 2017: New charts: Normals and Extremes for Relative Humidity

Normals and Extremes are now calculated for relative humidity.


Tuesday, October 10 2017: Radar improvements

The following changes were made to the radar:

Monday, October 9 2017: Location Homepage renamed to Dashboard and other changes

The location homepage is now called "dashboard" instead of "current conditions" given that it shows more than just current conditions. The following features are now implemented:

Sunday, October 8 2017: New charts: Normals and Extremes for Solar Radiation

Normals and Extremes are now calculated for solar radiation (for those locations having this data collected).